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Maria Brink
Press Photo 04
Born December 17, 1977 (age 36)
Instruments Vocals
Band In This Moment
Albums Beautiful Tragedy (2007)
The Dream (2008)
A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)
Blood (2012)

Maria Brink is the lead singer of In This Moment.


Early LifeEdit

Maria grew up in a damaged home in which her father abused her and her mother. Her mother eventually abandoned Maria and her father, leaving Maria to fend for herself in the abusive situation. At 15, Maria gave birth to Paul, who was the child of her father. Her father was sent to jail for sexual abuse, and Maria went into foster care. During high school, Maria was considered a burn-out (they didn't think she was going to graduate.)

Maria got into her first band at 19. They went by the name Pulse, but soon broke up. She later moved to Los Angeles with her son Paul, and met Chris Howorth through a friend. Having much in common, they formed a band called Dying Star. Continuing to play as Dying Star for about 3 years, both Maria and Chris found themselves unhappy with the band's progress. They swapped members and took on the new name we know them as today, In This Moment.

In This MomentEdit

Maria Brinks best friend is Robert M. Myers





Personal LifeEdit

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